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Discussion in 'News' started by Delta_AH, Oct 22, 2019.

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    Dear Players,

    our new in game ranks will added to prison. There will be 3 rank ladders for players. One of them the money ranks (D,C,B,A,FREE) second one is the donor ranks (thief drugs dealer smuggler) and now there will be a new rank ladder as well which based on the kills and dead. Every kill gives u 3 points and every die takes 1 point. everyone start from 0. The last rank prob have permission to do /gang . these ranks looks like this for now, pleas tell your opinion.

    Default rank 0 points +3 points per kills -1 points per die Doggy -20 n lower In prison, you would definitely play the role of the entertainer. Especially when in the shower the soap slips out of your shaky hands. Whenever you feel, sitting is too hard for you, just remember, DON’T DROP THE SOAP AGAIN! Barbie -19 to -6 Everyone knows that you wouldn't hurt a fly and that you're only behind bars because of some small, legal technicality. As long as you screaming, instead of making a stand, you just stay the big boys’ toy. Baby Face -5 to 50 There's just something about you that looks so young and innocent. But underneath you're really one sly old dog. Behind your cute face and charming smile, there's a dark and incredibly clever mind that's just waiting for the right time to strike. You are sure to have both the guards and your fellow inmates wrapped around your little finger.(edited)

    Mad Cow 51 to 100 While you may come off rather nice to those around you, it's all downhill once they get you mad. You will do just about anything to get your revenge and make sure someone regrets what they've done. Fox 101 to 500 While the name may seem rather simple, it fits you actually quite well. You're a rather sly individual and people in the prison rarely catch you doing things. You know how to keep yourself out of trouble and keep others guessing. Diablo 501 to 1000 This may be a rather common nickname but it's one that fits you well. You're a ruthless person when you need to be and you're not above doing some dirty work to get your way. Scarface 2000 to 5000 Your face can tell a story all of its own and your many dark bruises and scars tell of a very dark past! You've seen a lot, been through both good and bad times - prison is a new chance for you to finally start over. Killa 5001 to 10000 You are the most hardcore criminal in the county jail. You intimidate your cellmates with one glare. Wouldn't wanna mess with you Boss 10,000 and more You are the leader of the biggest gang in prison. Your real home is between the walls and all of the other inmates look up to you for guidance and protection.

    you can suggest new names instead or new description or a permission what the rank gives to the player. Thank you and god bless.

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