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    This thread is mainly for players who wished to become part of the staff team on the Opposite-Wonderland Network. This thread is mainly about the requirements to become part of the staff team. Below, you can see guidelines and examples on how to write the perfect staff application



    • Age restrictions
    You need to be at least 14 years old to be able to apply. This to us is considered as a mature enough age to become part of the staff team

    • Availability
    You don’t have to be available 24/7 but at least you can assure us that you can contribute enough for the server. Although keep in mind that we would prefer an applicant with more playing time

    • Active on all platforms
    This also counts as availability. Obviously active on all platforms on our network is mandatory as players often stick at one platform to ask for an assistant

    • Clean history
    In order to earn our trusts that you are a good staff member, you need to have good track records under your tails. It really defines your maturity once you have been given the authority

    • Communication
    Communication is a big thing when it comes to working as a staff team. So, including a microphone in your setup would give you more benefit and another +1 on your application

    • Recording software
    We cannot risk banning every single player that we accuse of breaking the rules. Even if you are an experienced staff member, it is mandatory to provide evidence to all punishments

    • Original
    Plagiarism won’t be tolerated. You have to be able to stand out more among all of the other applicants. It depends on your creativity level to make us more attracted to your application

    • Experience
    It’s not mandatory, but we would prefer more applicants with more experience in being a part of the staff team

      • Fame
    Obviously, our players would always appreciate a well-known player to becoming a staff member as they would more be reliable and trusted

      • Maturity
    Mature acts include formality in talking, respect towards members, and etc,



    This is very important as your activity makes you more known by the other staff members. And your helping hand to other players are the better way to improve your chances in getting accepted

    Spelling and Grammar~

    Applications with good spelling and grammar are important to define the applicant’s maturity and effort


    Colors, pictures, indent, and etc are some elements to improve your applications to stand out more than other applications


    Your attitude towards other people defines your true color as a person


    I suggest writing your application in google docs/Microsoft word before you posted it in your thread as both software checks grammar consistently


    Tidy up your application by making multiples segments


    • Please be honest in your application. If there’s even a single lie found, you will be DENIED immediately
    • An application could take up to more than 3 days before getting any status
    • Please do not ask any staff member to check your application in ANY way as this will result in the application to get an instant DENIED
    • If your application gets DENIED you may apply again 1 month after receiving the DENIED message
    • Creating more than one application before any DENIED / ACCEPTED status will get you banned from applying in the future
    • Short applications will get an instant DENIED
    • You MUST like this thread before applying to indicate that you have read this thread completely
    • Once you have submitted your application, you are NOT allowed to reply it further even for correcting. The reply section is for staff to get their score on your app

    Here are some format examples you can use in your application. Keep in mind that these are NOT mandatory to be used for your application and we would like you to get creative with your application

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