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ask me any question information about me or other :P

  1. I Will do my best to be a helper

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  2. It any new player ask me for help i alway help

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  1. manhhungw1

    manhhungw1 New Member

    Oct 26, 2019
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    Hello everyone!
    I'm here to apply for a Helper

    About Me: im just an helper

    In-Game-Name: Manhhungw1

    Discord ID : Dectectiveツ#7906

    TimeZone (Location) : 20:02:48 ICT (Vietnam)

    Age : 18

    Availability : alot of hour but school it most important so i played some time lately or maybe alot of time i spend in my free time

    About me it alot diffend i ussally used to configuration plugin as i does for other server helping them xD

    Common questions ask me it you want to ask me anything about me

    Why you have decided to become a Helper in Opposite-Wonderland?

    I Decided to become a helper because i wanted to be a staff in a server not to train to be as a dummy for other server that i help them and they banned me for no reason cause i make a succedfull server before and i don't want to run a server being owner because being a owner it too bad for me so i come here to be a helper

    What are you able to do as a Helper?
    Well it you need help about something alot of thing like plugin or other there alot of thing to help pepole
    btw i been helper wanted to get helper on a server to work and help pepole
    Were you helper on a server?
    but i ask my friend to make me one and gave me helper and my experience of being helper it good

    i know my application it long because i am good at writing literature btw it you need to more information about me just ask me anytime

    Waiting for your replies.
    Thanks for your times

    Best Regard
    My time now is
    Saturday, 26 October 2019
    20:15:56 ICT
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  2. Delta_AH

    Delta_AH Administrator
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    Jun 22, 2019
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    Hello @manhhungw1 , Your staff application will be reviewed by our head staff! And once we consider your application, you will immediately receive another reply from us. Don't ask staff to review your application! Once you will ask staff to review your application, your chance will decrease! Please be patient and wait for head staff's decision! Thank you for applying!

    My Comments....
    First things first, you need to be serious when it comes from applying please avoid using vivid words like "xd, etc".

    Second thing, you don't literally answered the question in "Why you have decided to become a helper in Opposite-Wonderland?". This question ask for your goals, and you are failed to answer it.

    Third thing, helpers are the lowest position of staffing. When you say about helping for plugins, it has a huge responsibility because you were talking about the whole server. Helpers position are to maintain peace and to punished rule breaker.

    Fourth thing, please make your application presentable like editing your application. This thing will increase your chances for getting a helper position.

    Fifth thing, use notepad/microsoft in order for you to determine your mistakes letter that you wrote.

    Overall, you have a poor performances as well as your communication skills. My vote is -1. I'm sorry.
    But I saw your potential and interested to becoming a staff, we will immediately do a brain storming for your application. Please be patient! God bless you.

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  3. Bolja

    Bolja Administrator
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    Jun 12, 2019
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    Hey manhhungw1,

    Im glad to see you applying for staff, but you should put much more effort in your application. Take your time to update, its not rush, and let us know when you ready.
  4. Delta_AH

    Delta_AH Administrator
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    Jun 22, 2019
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    Hello @manhhungw1 ,

    You're application has been DENIED due to inactivation. Feel free to apply next month and thank you for applying in opposite-wonderland. God bless you.

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