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    If you have been banned/muted from Opposite-Wonderland and you would like to be unbanned/unmuted you MUST follow this current format to appeal your unban/unmute.

    If you've been wrongfully banned/muted for a something that you didn't do, or you where banned for breaking a rule and think the ban time is too long, or appealing a permanent ban this is the right place to be.

    If you have been permanently banned/muted from the server, and you did deserved it, please wait at least 1 week before appealing.

    If you have been wrongfully banned/muted please appeal as soon as possible. Please note, adding as much information to your ban appeal will help your chances of being unbanned/unmute.

    This will allow the staff members to take a better look at your case and better understand the problem at hand here, so be sure to be as through as possible.


    In-game name:

    Banned By/Muted By:
    Ban/Mute Reason:
    Why you deserved to be unbanned/Unmuted?:

    If you have appealed your ban/mute appeal please wait 48 hours for you appeal to be looked over by staff and replied to. Do not bombard the staff asking for us to review it, we will immediately deny your thread.

    If you have any further questions about your unban request you can join the community discord and contact an active staff member for assistance.
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